Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Extra, Extra! Salt Kills Millions!

Check out this article to read more. My mother, who works in public health, will be happy to read this.

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  1. Thanks, Eileen. I don't think the article is clear enough about where your excess salt comes from - it's not the salt shaker. You typically get less than 10% there. It's in the foods that you buy in a box or a can or even a bag. And it's not just salty stuff. Read the bread label, or muffin label if you can get it, or the label on your Cheerios - you'll be shocked. I was disappointed that the USDA didn't lower the sodium recommendation in the new Dietary Guidelines even more. We should all strive for less than 1500 mg a day but we won't be able to do it without food manufacturers' help - let's start asking them to change!