Thursday, September 3, 2009

Granola Success!

My friend, Mrs. Y, contacted me with her granola recipe after reading my cry for help! She said she uses half butter, half coconut oil, and cooks at a low temperature (300ish), stirring every ten minutes.

I did this and it worked!! I melted the butter, oil, and a little honey in the microwave first. Then I added rolled oats and cooked it like she told me to. It only took about 20-25 minutes, even at 300 degrees, and I'm still going to play around a little with the ratio of oil to honey to oats.

The coconut oil is not local, of course, but neither were the oils I was using before. The butter is from a local dairy, where we also get our milk and yogurt (which Mrs. Y will tell me I can make myself, but I just haven't got a starter batch yet...someday soon!).

Coconut oil is some pretty amazing stuff! It contributed its own subtle coconut flavor to the granola without having to add chewy shredded coconut, and it can even be used as a moisturizer or hair conditioner (and, according to the internet, a handy lubricant in other areas as well--but maybe ask your doctor first). However, I couldn't find it in our grocery store anywhere but the organic section, and the 14 oz. jar of organic coconut oil was $8.99!! I'm positive Mrs. Y would not, could not, feed her family (of 12!) this stuff at that cost! Where can I find it cheaper??


  1. Hey! Glad your granola turned out well. Actually, that is what I pay for unrefined coconut oil. I love the stuff and where I save elswhere, I splurge here. I have been on-line trying to find it in bulk and have not made an order yet. The site I found was confusing as far as refined/unrefined and then they had another name too which I can not remember. Let me know if you find something. By the way, you can have my granola recipe in full if you want it but I know it is fun to play too.

    My food discovery of the day was pesto mixed into Jasmine rice at lukewarmish temp with some chopped tomatoes mixed in. It was wonderful! I was sick of pasta and we did not have any crusty bread so I tried it. I think it may become a family favorite. Sort of risotto ish.


  2. Yo, Leeners. Isn't that granola amazing?!?! my sis number whiny needs to make more...